April 10, 2007

Thursday, April 10, 1975

today in math we are having a test. we just had chapel. I have just finished my test. I hope I got a good grade. I think I did. my math grade needs it. just now we are leaving for athletics and lunch.
today it is rumored we are having a review test. we are checking our drawing of the heart.
People had better watch out because today I feel mean, because of geography. in geography I found out that I hadn't passed my test on asia and I tried it again and didn't have time to do it, and also in athletics some people were trying to make fun of me. everytime someone said something I felt like punching them. so far today my new pen has been working fine, I have found a place in a pocket where this pen will stay, in my thick corduroy coat inside pocket.

I suspect that my other pen, the old one, is leaking, so I have switched back.
today when I got home from school nobody was here. I read for a while until Jenny invited debbie over and we played tag. they both cheated so I quit. I have already had my dinner and I think it was pretty good. a little after dinner my sister was being a brat, as usual and I gave her a shove. my dad got mad at her and she started hitting him. then he blew up. for the next half hour he yelled at anything that moved. my dad and mom had a fight and I left. when it finally blew over I came back to the kitchen and, using a screwdriver, melted my initials on this pen, WMD, except I wrote it [monogram] because it is easier to do straight lines. my mom has left for bingo and jenny, my dad and I are all alone in the house.
this evening I have been experimenting some more with my speedball set.