April 18, 2007

Friday, April 18, 1975
sorry I don't have a complete account of yesterday that was because I was just too tired to write anymore. yesterday I lost my no-nonsense pen so now I am writing with a ballpoint.
I may get to like this. I hate track in athletics

today in science we got a study period and I have done my science homework for the weekend. When we get to english we are going to have a test on the verb "to be". I hope I get a 100%

Study hall
I am frustrated. I can't seem to do anything right. John Beebe is very uncooperative in doing my interview. I think it a stupid assignment because you can't really write anything on a person until you know him. I can't wait until I get home. then I can play field hockey with robert. speaking of rundowns on people, I am going to have to do one on robert someday.
I really sort of like this pen. I may use it all the time.

when I got home I found out that it was my mom and dad's seventeenth aneversary.
jus then a florist's truck drove up and delivered a vase of flowers that was absolutely beautiful. we gave it to mom tonight along with two stoneware dishes from jenny and I. we gave dad a turtle magnet and a onyx pencil-holder. I paid five dollars and jenny paid five dollars. we had a hard time getting to the mall, because my dad is really overprotective.
this evening I watched a show with julie andrews called "My Favorite things" It featured the muppets and was mostly very funny. One of the funniest things on it was when there was a muppet rock group called "Doctor teeth."
this evening my dad got me a pen of my own. I am writing with it now.
I am going to go to bed soon. goodnight.