April 13, 2007

Sunday, April 13, 1975

10:30 p.m.
this morning I got up feeling pretty good. I ate breakfast and called robert up. he couldn't come over but he would call me when he could. during the time that I was waiting for him I went out back an d saw my mom working in her garden and I got the urge again to make a garden for myself. I got permission to make a garden out of a square piece of of ground in the corner of our yard. with my moms help I cleared the place of vines and leaves. robert came over and we melted every scrap of lead we could find and poured it into some pretty good shapes. we are going to keep one we call "the ladle":

this is a metal sculpture me and robert made called "the ladle"

robert left and I tried to spade my garden but I found out all the roots of the grass are in the way so I will have to wait and get an automatic cultivator from the rental store.
after that my dad took me out to mc donalds for dinner and around to get some aluminum cans. I found a great place for them and I am going to go there tomorrow. right behind the mall they must be stacked three high.
me and my dad also went to the golf course and hit some balls.

this evening I was very upset because my dad was yelling at everybody. he finally cooled off and apologised. then he was real nice to me and I am finally over it.