April 12, 2007

Saturday, April 12, 1975

this morning I woke up at about 10:00 a.m. and was served breakfast in bed by jenny and debbie. from that time until about 12:30 am. I was frustrated and thought it would be a rotten day. It turned out that it wasn't so bad. robert called me up and came over to play croquet. I amazingly started winning, and when we were tied we got bored and stopped playing in favor of melting some lead. we got a fire started and found out you could melt the lead in half the time by using small pieces of wax to keep a hot fire gong in the pot. we made two batches of lead. the first one was fairly good and we had one piece, the best one which looked like a viking ship or a canoe. I gave that one to robert. then robert had to go home. he said he would call me after he ate dinner, and when he called we were going to look for newts in the woods. he called and I came down to his house with four or five ziploc bags. we went out in the woods and looked under every rotten log we could find and got three centipedes but no newts. we went to a very big rotten log that had sat where it was as long as either of us can remember and found sticks and started digging. the wood was very soft so we didn't have any trouble. robert found a piece of fluff and wondered how it got into the log. in a few minutes we found the answer, I ran into a mouse nest. I said "there's a mouse!" and robert took off one way and me the other way along the log in the chase, I said "where are you going" he answered "I'm after the mouse!", I said, "but the mouse is down here, he went that way," and I pointed. we finally figured out there were two mice, and since the one robert saw was carrying a baby we knew there are at least three, and probably quite a few more.
After that we went to my house and spent from then to 11:00 pm stapling and correcting 480-odd pamplets for robert's church. the error was that it said "OUT LADY OF FATIMA" when it should have said "OUR LADY OF FATIMA" we wondered if it was subconsciously on purpose. T=R

me and robert decided to write a book about our adventures and what we have done in the past and present. it will include a cookbook section, fire section, things to do when there's nothing to do, and destruction. It may also include a list of good ecscuses to divert the blame from yourself if your house burns down, or anything like that. I am going to list things we should write about tonight I hope.
when I came home from roberts it was dark and I rode my bike home. if my dad were awake, he is such a worryer, he probably would come over with the station wagon and pick me and my bike up and drove me home.
*tomorrow copy verb story into this journal.