April 17, 2007

Thursday, April 17, 1975

8:00 am.
this morning my mom ruined my day by coming in and screaming at me to get me up. I hate her. after she had screamed enough and I still hadn't gotten up and she went and got a yardstick.
Of course I got up then, not to would have been stupid. At least I got my revenge a little because then she came in really nice and said that she was sorry she yelled but . . . every time she reached to hug me I dodged it and finally I just flat told her to get out.

today in geo. I had my autralia quiz and I only got one thing wrong. I am going to have to sleep on it and redo it tomorrow. I have just been to chapel.
I sort of like working in angles and circles, the way we are doing.
Here is a new thing I drew It's called the fountain pen beetle:
he just drew that circle and the arcs. when I am too lazy to write he writes for me while I dictate. I have a pretty good imagination.

today at recess more people were lighting firecrackers mr. Bedell came out and told Max Ramsey, Adam Titus, and someone else to go to the office. there are a few others I am going to tell Bedell about, like Bosteder, Hathaway, and by the way, I just remembered the other person who went to the office, tertius yarborough. Paul Borthwick told Bedell and I think what he did was right even if I was a little to scared to. Borthwick has gotten many threats, especially from people who didn't really want anyone to know they did it too.

today when I got home from school robert came over and we played fud [sic] hockey.
right now I am mad because I lost my pen and I can't find it anywhere.