April 16, 2007

Wednesday, April 16, 1975
Today at recess a few people were lighting firecrackers. Our monitor, Bobby Curtis is as bad as they are, wouldn't do anything about it.

today in english we are reading our english storys. Beebe and I read our story first and we got a low honors grade. everybody thought it was boring, probably because beebe and I wrote it. the next story wasn't nearly as good but Freedman and Small wrote it and used the names of people in our class.

Stdy. Hall

Fiction story

Mr. English:
Of the many people I have known and feared, the person I have thought about most is Mr. English, the super detective. For years he studied english grammar and law. What I am about to write is a collection of his many cases.
And now we bring you one of his first cases when he was torn to shreds, swimming across the English Channel, because he was being driven by the terrible freeze men who though the stole their Idol, the Flirp, who opened the secret door to a hidden pool of water from which they drank to stay young. English knew he hadn't seen the Flirp anywhere, but the freeze men didn't know that. I think English got away from that sticky situation because he was still alive to pull off his next caper:
English drove into his driveway one dark night, he was about to open his front door when he saw something in the bushes. He went for a closer investigation, when something ran out of the bushes and gave out a horrible growl and charged him. english was thrown back and tore his jacket that he wore on a trap he had set for burglars trying to steal something. As he began to get up he froze with terror at what he saw; it set his heart racing, a weird monster that had taken a tree right out of the ground. Then and there he decided to begin his investigation. English rode in his black sedan to the police station and reported the incident.
He spoke to the neighbors and asked them if they had begun to hear something by the side of their house at about 10:00 the previous night. "I fear that a horrible creature has set upon this neighborhood", English Said, " And he's after me".
"I see", said a neighbor, who really thought that english had probably gotten drunk, fallen out of his car, seen a cat in the bushes, and gone crazy. A few others he had spoken to thought he had had a little too much to drink to. English didn't take any notice of these comments, for he had already chosen to study this case and type it up for his next article. He would also add an account of it, in a speech as he was to speak at a lecture in a few weeks.
And now this next case we chose for you because it took all of english's brainpower, and had worn him to a frazzle from being torn almost to shreds, blown up, frozen, and studied by his psychiatrist. After much wear and tear from swimming, to avoid being chopped into fishfood by a man riding in a motorboat, through the freezing water and threw himself on the dock. as he lay panting on it, his ears ringing, he thought that if he swam ten more feet he will have swum a worlds record.
He thought of how it had all started . . . . . . . .
It all started when his friend invited him to a party he was giving. The party was given on his private houseboat. English chose to go. When he had come to the boat he became immediately suspicious because of its license plates, the boat was stolen. He cautiously went in to fall into a trap. As he was going in he tripped over a wire and fell to the floor. Two men came up quickly and tied him up. When that was done he was brought into a tiny cabin. The boat was driving through the water on it's way coming to the gulf stream.
The boat must have been doing 100m.p.h., blowing spray all over the place. When the boat got there it stopped short, a whistle blew, a bell rang, and he heard footsteps. As he lay there wondering what would happen next, someone turned the doorknob, English thought to himself, "I've run into some serious trouble." They were about to throw him overboard, when the boss attached a typed note to his hand then untied and threw him overboard. "Swim or choose to die" the boss said, "Either way we have ridden the world of you." That's how he ended up on the dock. The next thing he did was rip off the note, which the boss had probably typed himself, and kept it for evidence.
When he finally got home he wrote a copy of the note and decided to lie down for a knap. One of the names on the note rang a bell. It was the mayor's He followed up the case and had the mayor taken out of office for a long vacation, very long. At the end of this case he thought "They thought they had me written off their guest list" By the way, about the monster case, the neighbors down the block had just visited hollywood and had brought back a genuine monster suit for a souvenir.
Unfortunately, English will never find out, he's still running.

The End

today when I got home from school I had a chocolate milkshake and found out my dad had ordered the rototiller again because the first time it hadn't done the job right. I was going to wait for it, but since it was such a nice day I called robert and we went over to the mall and collected beer cans.
we got quite a few weird looks doing it too. on the way home we went through the woods and found three or four all aluminum window things and brought them home. after we got home to my house we weighed our aluminum and it weighed in a twenty pounds. I swear it must be heavier than that. and I also found out that it was fifteen cents a pound, not fifty.
this evening I have been watching tv. I watch "Baretta" about an hour ago.
this evening I drew a good picture of a house in winter with my speedball set. I also spent a whole lot of time copying that story about mr. English into this book.
Today in study hall I found out billy Bavin has a twenty-five year old compas he uses.