April 14, 2007

Monday, April 14, 1975

this morning I got up, went to school, came home, on the way home we stopped to get a lawn rake for my garden. when I got home robert came over with some aluminum and we played a few games of golf until the men from A-PLUS rental came over with a roto-tiller. when they came they showed us how to work it and I dug up my garden. It didn't do a very good job because it didn't have a big enough blade. we are going to try to get it again but with a sturdier blade.
this evening laura wallace came over and took jenny for a walk to kiddie kollege where we met two characters laura knew who were pretty shady on my list. they bothered jenny so we went home. while I was there I picked up a walking stick and brought it home, where I peeled the bark off, and sprayed it with wood restoring fluid which really made it look good. I am going to sand and polish it and give it a coat of shellac.
when laura and jenny, and I got home from kiddie kollege she told me not to tell our parents we had gone there and that she was really sorry the boys treated her that way. I think she had better be sorry, it could lose her a high-paying job babysitting us if we told.

I will write my english story in my new journal because I don't have enough room to write it here.