April 25, 2007

Friday, April 25, 1975

this morning I brought my cookies to school.
here are my events:
40 yard dash 2:50
Shot Put 2:20
I also want to watch george hesse jump at 2:30
I am very confused about the locker arrangements for field day.
this morning I was almost late for school. today at field day I am supposed to go tell mr. pullard that I'm not in the high jump before it starts.
Imagine, I spent an hour or so wasted last night doing my book report.
today in math mr. Lichfuss was in a good mood and we talked and played some games.
Today in science I got my grades for the deficiency period. I got an overall average of 94.
in english I did awful on my homework
there goes my good english grade.
today after english we went to field day.
I went over to my locker and put on my stuff, except I wore my pants to carry my money in. at about 2:10 I went over to the shotput circle and waited. the weather was warm and wet and every once in a while it sprinkled and then abruptly stopped. I practiced a few shots and then the competition began. As it started it began to lightly sprinkle I threw it first and made a foul on my first shot. I did fairly well on my second shot and then It started steadily to increase, As it turned out I never got my third throw. We were called in for a ten-minute break to see if it would let up, the break turned into a cancellation, or at least a continuation until monday. on monday we are going to pick up where we left off.
I bought two jewelery boxes at the white elephant sale and when I got them home I set it up in my room and put my stuff in it.
when I got home I also found a new desk lamp for me on my desk.
I agreed with my dad that I would go to the new barbershop with him and when I got my hair all cut I was very pleased I went next door and got an ice cream cone and we went home. I am about to go to bed.