April 21, 2007

Monday, April 21, 1975

today in geo. I got a lot done on europe. I labeled a bunch of countrys.
I am anticipating, not too happily, about my upcoming visit to the dentist on the 28th only one more week until I go there.
yesterday I was looking forward to school, but when I had to get out of bed this morning I didn't think the same.

today at lunch I wanted to get a coke. I found Bobby Curtis at the machine trying to get some lost money back. he finally gave up and I put a quarter into it. It came out of the change slot. I took the quarter and tried again. when it came out the change slot Curtis grabbed it and said it was his. I couldn't get it back from him so I told Mrs. Beatte, my fifth grade teacher and she wouldn't do anything about it.

this evening when I got home I had billy bavin's pen.
we had switched at the end of school so I could take his pen home and put his name on it. tomorrow we are going to switch back again. this evening my mom and dad went bowling and laura wallace came over to babysit.
I have been watching tv. and making a puzzle at the same time. it is a hidden words puzzel and I made it so every letter is part of a word or words.
I am looking forward to dinner tomorrow, because my aunt uncle and cousin are coming to eat over on their way to Carolina.

this evening is a big night for tv. I wish they had the tv on saturday or friday night, then I could stay up late without having to get up next morning.
this evening I have been watching tv. I am hopefully going to watch the best of groucho.