April 19, 2007

Saturday, April 19, 1975

11:00 p.m.
this morning I got up earlier than I should have. not much happened all morning until I got dressed and asked my dad to take me to get seeds.
my sister made a big fuss about how we never took her anywhere and finally we agreed to take her, but my mom got her to stay home on the condition that we would take her as soon as we got back. At fischer's hardware, where we went to but seeds I got pumpkins, peas, sunflowers, and six green pepper seedlings. on the way home we got some onions from jimmy's country stop which sells all kinds of plants and garden supplies. when I got home I planted some of the peas, squash, and pumpkins inside some of my compartmented boxes I used to put my rocks in.
Before my dad and jenny left he helped me spread fertilizer on my garden. we had a hard time opening the bag and we finally tore it. I spread the fertilizer on very carefully and when we were done they left. while they were gone I spaded most of the fertilizer under and afterward I was very tired.
I read for a while and then we had supper.
After supper I decided to plant some stuff now. my mom and I went out into my garden and planted the green peppers and onions. I then planted the pea, squash, and pumpkin seeds in my garden. afterwards I was very proud of my garden. here is the plan for my garden: (In full color)

[drawing of garden]

I am going to work at it and have a good garden.
one thing I am worried about is someone coming in the night and stealing my vegetables or wrecking them.