April 20, 2007

Sunday, April 20, 1975

12:45 p.m.
this morning I got up much later than I did yesterday.
I have been wishing that I had been writing this journal when Davey feroe was still here.
So before I completely forget him, here is his rundown.
Davey Feroe, who is now 12, lives in Erie Colorado. He is stocky, blond and fairly tall.
He has a nice personality and is exceptionally smart. Davey has two sisters, one crissy, who is now three or four and who is also very smart. when she was small they called her "kicky" because that was the way she pronounced her name. He also has an older sister, cathy, who thinks she is far superior to him and bosses him around. Daveys parents are pretty strict and usually on cathys side, which isn't too good for davey. Davey has a grandmother who is pretty young and on my first visit to the Feroe house I mistook her for his mother. Davey's family has a characteristic nose that comes from his father's side and you can definitely tell the resemblance. I like Davey and Crissy, but cathy isn't too hot. Davey and I used to be best friends until he moved away approximately two years ago. we used to be almost inseparable and we as well have lived at each other's houses. I will probably never forget davey as long as I live. I periodically send him letters and someday I hope we get together again. I liked davey's house, it had a nice backyard to play tag in. Just to show how much he was over here, we keep, every so often, finding things of his and sending them to him.

for the past two hours I have been playing with jenny a while ago a man came about our paint; we are going to paint the inside of our house. I picked the color "Bamboo green" I like it but I really would have liked a darker green but they said it would make my room too dark.
right now I am at roberts house. he called me over because he had a whole bunch of aluminum cans. when I got there we spent fifteen minutes smashing them. now I am in the kitchen where we just finished a coke.

by the way, robert sprained his foot. he went to the doctor's this morning. he is now walking around on crutches.
I am in the kitchen, the merril's friends are around the table. they are staying with the merril's a while. the mother looks like she's got a moustache.

It is pretty boring here at home. I am mad at my dad because he didn't play pingpong right and he hit me with a ping pong paddle.

today we went out to mc Donald's to eat because today is their fiftieth birthday and they are selling hamburgers for 15 cents. my dad did something pretty stupid. he bought two glasses for 50 cents which he didn't want. this evening I have been watching tv. tomorrow I go to school again and I am sort of glad because It will take my mind off my troubles.