April 23, 2007

Wednesday, April 23, 1975

today in math we had a test. I think I did very well on it. maybe a 100% that would sure help my sagging math grade out.

today at athletics I practiced my field event for field day. I am shotputting. I threw the shot seven or eight times, and then went out onto the field to play capture the flag.
my other event on field day is the 40 yard dash. I am one of the slowest people in the thing. I wonder if I could have someone faster than me (almost anyone) chase me, because it seems that

today in english I ran up against something I didn't understand.
just a minute ago my mom and dad had a big fight. once they almost hit each other. I was really scared.
My mom just hired someone to mow our lawn. I am mad about that because I like to do it myself.

today in study hall I started making a thing for mr. Lichfuss about intersection and sets.
I am trying to finish it.