April 22, 2007

Tuesday, April 22, 1975

study hall
today in school not much happened. or else I am so excited about my delicious dinner I am going to have steak, french fries, and a luscious green salad with italian dressing, all outdoors on our patio. maybe I’ll invite robert over to eat.
Billy bavin was very pleased with what I did to his pen. I am pressed by my book report that is due and by my english interview.
Today in study hall we are free to go to a baseball game so most of the people who are in the room are Hallinan, me, and Beebe; Hallinan is interviewing me, and I am interviewing Beebe.

today when my relatives came we had a delicious dinner. I loved it. after that we all went to the ice cream social, where there was an ice cream eating contest. there were streamers draped across from one beam to another. I had an ice cream cone and sundae.
Since there were many people I had known talking and laughing together, I felt very left tout of everything.
this evening I talked to the family a while and now I have to go to bed. I am planning to go downstairs and scare jenny if she's not asleep.