April 28, 2007

Monday, April 28, 1975

today this is our only class. after this class we will go to a memorial service for Dr. Hoy. we may go see the body and some people asked some questions; one person asked if he would small, another asked if no cover was on the casket wouldn't someone stick his head in.

1:30 am.
I am up so late because I was watching a good movie called "Hello down there." today after science class was over I went and got my stuff on for field day. I went outside and I went to the shot put circle. I waited around and threw a couple of practice shots and just when the event was going to start I heard my running event announced on the loudspeaker. the running event takes priority so I went and ran the 40 td. dash. I came in sixth place and when I finished the shot put was all over. I drank a few cokes and with my dad went to get jenny. after that we went to the dentist's. I lucily didn't get a flouride treatment and I found out that I didn't have any cavities. when I got home I played with robert awhile.
I was mad at my parents for driving off to bowling and so I smashed a fish bowl, a croquet mallet, and a plastic box. I drew a beautiful dove tonight.