April 27, 2007

Sunday, April 27, 1975

today I got up fairly late. robert called me and asked me if I would like to go to accotink lake to catch minnows. I collected a net and a bucket and went over to roberts house. we played a while until we were ready to go and we drove up to accotink. me and robert first came up on some minnows in a deep pool in one of the small creeks that emptys into the lake. we caught one and robert got it. we waded among the small pools in the woods as far as we dare go. we turned back and on the way back we caught a frog. robert got him too.
after that we went over behind the dam to fish. we followed a wide almost river and I caught a crayfish and thats about all. It must have been a rotten day for fishing we hardly caught anything.
we had lunch and played mini golf and went fishing again. robert slipped on some mud and got all wet and dirty.
today I found out that Dr. Hoy, our school's headmaster finally died from terminal cancer. because of it we aren't going to have any school tuesday and thursday.
I wonder if everyone will go to the funeral? I think that this will probably make mondays part of field day very sad.
I am glad we are getting the two days off but I feel like I should be sadder.