April 26, 2007

Saturday, April 26, 1975

Today I got up had sort of a breakfast and played with jenny and debbie until I got tired of it and went and got robert. robert came over and we played a lot of ping pong and in between every couple of games we would do something else. For a while robert has been playing ping pong funny. he keeps talking about money he'll get for losing so many games. At first I thought he was trying to win by taking my mind off the game. But he has kept on playing like that and I wonder about it. Right now I am six or seven games ahead of him and I am wondering about it. he says he told debbie about it and she wouldn't say anything.

robert had to leave to eat dinner and my family had a good dinner of eggs and sausage. robert called and told me we couldn't go to his mothers' bingo to collect aluminum cans because he just remembered you can't just be running around without playing bingo.
Robert came over and we played some more ping pong and when it got dark we played a few games outside like Dark shadows and ghost in the graveyard. robert finally went home and I watched some tv. I am now up at 2:00 am because my mom let me stay up to watch a war movie about a raid on japan.

this evening, since I am going to the dentist in a few days I brushed my teeth so they would be pretty clean when I go.
I wish my dad hadn't made the dentist appointment on monday right after school because I would really like some time to get ready for the trip before I go.