April 29, 2007

Tuesday, April 29, 1975

12:15 am.
this morning I got up as late as I suspected I would. I stayed at home most of the day until me and my dad went to roy rogers to eat lunch.
It cost way too much but the food is great.
I came home and my dad went to get jenny from school. I watched to and when they got home jenny called debbie. all four of us went to the mall. I got some hairspray for my two chalk pictures. I drew a great dove and then today I made a squirrel. while we were there we also got four needles for blowing up balls. when we got back I sprayed my two pictures and jenny blew up her ball. jenny and Debbie went outside to play some ball and I wanted to play and my dad said I couldn't.

I asked my dad if he had any jobs for me and he said he would give me $3.00 for cleaning off the patio. I did it and robert came over. we played a few games of ping pong and I lost both and I threw my paddle and accidentally broke the back window. me and robert cleaned up the glass and we started playing a new game where you would catapult a block into the air and the other person would try to catch it. this evening I drew a chalk picture, I think one of the best ones I've ever made of mountains in a sunset. I took the idea from a picture in a book.

1:00 am.
I have just gotten out of bed. I am lonely and I wish that I would stop thinking about time and space. I feel lonely probably because I can't help it, but every spare moment my brain gets, stark reality hits it. I am only one tiny, small, short lived, organism in the neverending universe. I can see the day when our sun explodes and all life on earth will end. I will be dead then. I fear very much dying and I hope that there is such a thing as reincarnation or really a heaven. but if I am reincarnated over and over again, I will see the world end. that would be worst of all.