April 30, 2007

Wednesday, April 30, 1975
this morning I was awakened by the vacuum cleaner running. I decided to start off early and I got dressed as soon as I got out of bed. I had soft boiled eggs for breakfast,
I have been watching tv. almost ever since.
I have made two pictures today one of a geyser and one of a stream with trees neither is as good as my mountains.

when my mom got home from school I went with her to the commissary. on the way to the commissary we talked about what happened to mrs. Neil. on her way somewhere she was sideswiped by a hit and run driver who was speeding and made a u turn when he wasn't supposed to. in the coincidence someone who worked at a school was going in the opposite direction was almost hit by the same driver and went to help mrs. Neil Lucily mrs. Neil had gotten the license number and not gotten hurt. the other man would testify for her in court as he had seen the whole thing and another coincidence was that mrs. Anderson's son who owns a ham radio and he (by the way, mrs. Anderson is a teacher at the same school) called the police. when the police find the man who did it he's in for it. he hasn't got a chance. on the other hand, he may have had a good reason for what he did.
well, anyway mom and I got milk, eggs, ice cream, and coke at the commissary and brought it home.
robert came over and we played a few games of ping pong and robert had to go home
this evening I drew a picture of a man running a tractor, just to keep in practice with magic markers. I am now confident that I can do as well with markers as chalk. I have included it in the book.
I have given up on my catalog of all my journals It is just too much to catch up on. I will just enter highlights.