May 02, 2007

Friday, May 2, 1975

today at athletics we went out to play soccer and on the soccer field there must have been two inches of mud in some places. I was in most of the time and once, even with the mud I made a great shot away from john leiner and it sailed right to mike small on our team captain. once or twice while we were playing a person or two slipped on the muck and fell flat on his back in the mud.
today I am going to write my english story so I won't have to worry about it.
In reading mrs. price better watch out. I am going to draw such a horrendous monster on my spelling test.
today in science class mr. thompson showed his human side. he talked about how once he had been at a demonstration and he finally was able to blow a bubble of saliva and the lecturer practically smashed him on the head. at least then he probably had a little hair to protect him.

1:30 am.
this evening robert invited me to a carnival.
I took a whole bunch of money and it turned out I hardly spent any of it. the best part of the evening was when me, robert, and mrs. merril went to howard johnson's and got a fudge sundae. we played a game while we were waiting to be served.