May 03, 2007

Saturday, May 3, 1975

12:00 ? (midnight)
this morning I got up pretty late, and just as I got up robert called me and asked me to come over to his house to clean the fish pond. when I got to roberts house he was out in his back yard using the aqua-vac to empty the pond. we spent about three and a half hours emptying the pond. then the fun part came. catching the fish. you would get down on your knees and catch the fish with your hands. when we caught the giant catfish, we had found that it had grown tremendously and was spiny and slimy.
we also noticed it had changed color.
while I was there I noticed some flowers called bleeding hearts that have a fascinating shape.
after that me and robert came over to my house and we played until he had to go home.
this evening I went to the carnival again and robert came with us. we rode two rides with jenny and debbie and we also went on the tip top, the paratroopers, the octopus, and we played a few games. we had lots of fun there.
we went home and I watched tv. and I drew two new pages for the woody's of the world book.