May 04, 2007

Sunday, May 4, 1975
11:00 p.m.
this morning I hot up about eleven o'clock, and lazed around until three o'clock, when robert came over and I told him about the praying mantises. robert and I played a few games of ping pong and then me and robert went inside.
I then had breakfast (at three o'clock!) and me and robert played more ping pong until robert had to go home. then out family went down to burke lake and we went to mcdonalds to get food and then we went to burke where we then ate at one of the picnic tables and then me and jenny went for a walk in the nearby woods. jenny wanted to go on the path but I went off through the dense undergrowth. we went over to the shore and I found a ladybug and a nice piece of driftwood.
today I made the decision to go to key intermediate school next year. I think this is a big decision because I may not be able to get back into st. stephens if I don't like it there.
I have spent this evening watching tv.
today I went out to my garden and scattered my praying mantises. I saw that the onions were doing fine, the peppers could use some water, and I threw some rocks out of my garden. but the big news of the day is that I now have some summer squash pants coming up. four or five of them