May 06, 2007

Tuesday, May 6, 1975

today at athletics we weren't playing. our team went out onto the football field and practiced. we finished and then we played out parts, as the ten stooges. we fooled around and really made a good effort to be uncoordinated. wouldn't it be funny if we did that at our game tomorrow?

"Hello?", said Jon
"O.K.," a shady voice on the phone said, "if you ever want to see your mother again youll do what I say."
"I will."
"Come to the park at exactly four o'clock tomorrow morning","come alone," the voice said
Jon got in his car and drove to the park.
He waited for two hours until it was four o'clock and the kidnapper arrived.
Jon saw in the shadows a glint of metal and flashing lights, and suddenly the "thing" came forth.
The voice spoke;" I am a robot, I have come from another planet to collect samples of humans" in it's harsh computerlike voice.
"What do you want?", Jon asked.
"You" the robot simply replied.

today when I got home I ate a cinnamon roll and I went out to check my garden. I found I had six pea plants and the same old summer squash. I watered my garden because it looked like it needed it: and wouldn't you know it, we had a good rain this afternoon and then my plants had too much water. this afternoon I planted one of the pussywillows. I had an ingenious idea for doing it. I dug a hole and put in a plastic liner. I filled the hole up with dirt again and put my pussywillow in it. then I used the hose to make a dryish mud all around the plant. I think it will work.
this evening I finished my story with dialogue.
right now I am trying to think up a good ending punch line for my story.
this evening I watched the pilot film to a new series that is coming out in september of this year. It's called "The Invisible man" and its really very good. I can't wait until it comes on tv.
I made the big groucho poster and I am going to bring it to school tomorrow along with the spiral note paper Jon Horton has been waiting ages for.
I ended up the short life of my drawing book and I am going to use my sketch trip book instead. I think that it is a lot better because it doesn't have any ruled lines on it's pages.
for our last edition of our newspaper I am going to write an article entitled "Groucho" It will be an illustrated sort of biography.