September 19, 2006

September 19, 1974
For tomorrow's assignment we will try something a little different. So that's how I got mixed up in the project to build a Bedell robot. It was going to be a big Secret. his class was using John Coke's house their secret base. They were building the robot for their mechanical science class. they planned to bring him to school early one morning and have their leader Fearless freedman operate him from his desk. When the big day finally arrived every thing went off smoothly in getting him to school and into the room. boy did they get scolded but it was worth it to see the look on Mr. Bedells face!
P.S. (They all got an "A" in mechanical science)

September 18, 2006

September 18, 1974
You see I do write almost every day I did not get my cricket and I have to get a mouthguard tonight or else I will have to get a mint one from the school. I have finished most of my homework and I have too much to do. Billy Bavin is now waving a tootsie roll in front of my face I must finish at home
I am now finishing this very interesting little book not much is going on and I am Bored big dealsonger on if you are a not
I am so thestronger flambouyand seesaw if you are a nice person I might let me go to the animal house of card I am going to do something- quit football.

September 17, 2006

September 17, 1974
I have been writing mostly every day now and I think that I have been doing a pretty good Job lately and sometimes I have done fairly well on my grammar in this book. mr. marlin is our study period teacher, he is pretty nice and he has a nice looking face. the sounds of a usual uneventful study period the main sound in the room through the entire period is the constant consistent sound of mr. marlin's fan it gives the effect of busily working, never stopping work, but also it is sort of sad and monotonous and impersonal. It makes you feel like you are the only person In the room you start thinking to yourself and speculating on many things. I am supposed to write in this journal for fifteen minutes total writing time I really don't know exactly how many minutes of writing but I do know I am probably pretty close to the mark today I found another clay thing I like I also caught some crickets and put them in a milk carton and I plan to bring them home and put them in a cage made of toothpicks and styrofoam. so long for now

September 16, 2006

September 16, 1974
I am sore all over but I don't have much homework

September 12, 2006

September 12, 1974
Gold fish sometimes come in green, brown, red, orange, yellow, black, blue, white, and gold. some main types are the oronda, the lionhead, bubble eye, popeye, and celestial.
I collect rocks I have more than 140 different kinds. rocks come in almost any color you can think of. red, pink, green, blue, gold purple, peter hallinan is okay for a person here is a picture of him, (not really) and I am drawing some pictures

September 11, 2006

September 11, 1974
Mrs. price was nice the first three days but now she has turned sour. quendrabraflingracklopongrastontoplasmonkrankplorgrangleopzlepeck.
likemintandtheydidn'theveanyplainones. THE END of this line.
thengraoodraprondrandings, the floor is brown green white, and it comes in square tiles there are four tiles to a block.

September 10, 2006

September 10, 1974
the reason I am writing this entry is because I have 15 more minutes in study period with nothing to do. I don't have any homework because my english teacher, mr. stone finished the lesson early and gave us some time to do our homework. Last night I finally decided to quit Boyscouts the main reason being because I don't like our troop leader and the other scouts most of them are pretty stuck-up and pick at you our scout leader is an old grouch. Bye-Bye now

September 09, 2006

September 9, 1974
I am writing this entry sitting at the kitchen table at my house. I have decided to write a story. it is about 20 minutes to 10:00 "Once upon a time there was a little dog named Zlomoski he romped and played all day long, until he met mr. moth. mr. moth's reasoning was that if you exercise all the time you will not have enough strength to grow, but what the moth didn't know was that Zlomski and other dogs don't turn into Birds.
September 9, 1974
Right now I am sitting in English class and I'm itching to go home. I know there won't be any homework in Theology and I hope that I can borrow a dictionary for study period. I was thinking of writing about the Panda on the cover of this magazine but I decided not to. I wish I didn't have a locker on the bottom row. From the window and it seems that we are 200 Feet in the air a kid with a ratty looking face and big ears Just walked over and knocked on our door for mr. stone I wish I had a cooler Jacket for it is unbearably hot at lunch.