October 28, 2006

October 28, 1974
I am practising my handwriting because it is a lot easier to write with a fountain pen than print.
I am doing pretty well considering that I have not written in two or three years.
I am inreading class the stared words are very easy today. I have gotten my scope magazine today. I think that mr. lichtfuss is getting to be a real crab, today on the athletic field after exercises he told us to run three laps around the soccer field for no reason at all. I am now in Theology.

Small Town: Pullmanville
Familys father mother kids pets
smiths Ed Clara John, Martha cat
Blances walter sandy mike, mabel, marion
Glastermans Joe christine peter,cathy dog
Hariss' stephen hamsters, bird, snake
Bachelors: Arthur Mandrake, Lyton lux
unmarried girls (of age): sue splark, Harriet swanson, Mary clipps

michael small is an amateur magician he doesn't pay much attention to anything he is on my book report group I wish he wasn't

October 27, 2006

October 27, 1974
I am a real star trek fan. I read the books all the time. 3 days ago I got my math test results again on angles, triangles and soforth. on my four-day weekend on saturday I went to my usual art lesson and then when I finished I went home and got some money and went to springfield estates school's annual fun-fair I spent all my money and went home. today I lounged around the house until Robert came and we started gathering materials for natural paints.

the scanning glasses

two young men paused in front of the Bazaar import and oddity store seeing many richly ornate persian rugs and original design ring settings with glittering stones held tight in their many gold and silver teeth. They saw bottles and boxes filled with aromatic insence. And many strange and wonderful creations of man and nature. But off in one corner there were a pair of plain, black glasses with slightly squared frames. But the lenses had a strange, shimmering, moving look. The two decided to inquire inside about them. the storekeeper said he had aquired them from an old indian craftsman who had said that they were magic. I don't beleive him, but sometimes these glasses are rather strange in the way those lenses reflect light". They decided tobuy the glasses. one of them put them on and said he didn't see anything strange. "Just as if it were clear glass." The'ir a gyp! He threw them down in disgust. His friend picked them up and put them in his pocket and said, " thet'll make a good convesation piece." when the one who had the glasses got to his apartment he put them on., just out of curiosity, suddenly he saw a whole set of patterns pop out of his colored vynal floor tile. He took them off and looked at his floor, nothing. then he found a word search puzzle book and looked at the puzzle, no words then he put on the glasses and saw all the words just sitting on the page he called his friend immediatly and told him all about it. the both decided to try a "Search" T.V. show and they did. they made a fortune.

October 18, 2006

October 18, 1974
My grandmother came yesterday from massachusetts, we go down to her house all the time but she has never been to our house. In math we are working with angles and triangles, so I had to get a protractor. Last night i had to draw five triangles and measure the angles. Today I went to the library with my teammates to get something done on our report on iran.

October 18, 1974
Once upon the star Theta-12.1, where the trisecundar people live there landed a space ship, an oval-bubble-topped-tripod-legged,-flash ing-blue-and-red-and
-green lights-glowing spaceship.

You were there

There I was faced head-on by a vicious killer. I was on a mountain expedition in the badlands of the salami islands. When suddenly my party rounded the top of a rocky, pinnacle, we saw a hot spring threatening, spitting scalding water in all directions, a warning of volcanic eruption. what should we do? to late to run, but my party fled and so I did too. we heard behind us a bubbling, gurgling, gushing sound and suddenly a gigantic explosion followed by a boiling, seething mass of liquid rock. Our party scattered in all directions. By now it was almost dark and the eruption streaked the sky with blazing light. I jumped out of the path of the steaming deluge and ran, stumbling, blinded by the intense light scraping the skin of my hands and knees on the jagged rocks. All at once I felt myself lifted bobbing in the lava, seemingly on thin air but further investigation proved that i was sitting on a fragment of pumice being carried down the mountainside at an unbeleiveable rate. I finally made it to the bottom as I crept off the stone that saved my life, I hardly dared set foot on the ground for fear that I would step in boiling lava but all my foot touched was the soft carpet of my bedroom.

t h e

October 16, 2006

October 16, 1974
the mystery of the magnate

one morning, Mr. Klomperman woke bright and early. He saw the early morning sun streaming through the back window of his home over looking his famous earplug factory. He put on his bathrobe and slippers And went to his front door to look at the sun glistening on his factory's windows. as he stepped out on his front porch. two men grabbed him, he wriggled and squirmed and broke free . . . . . .
"And I came straight to your office", Mr. Kloperman said, "those two men were after my factory", He said, "(still puffing) "they stole the deed to it!" " The reason I didnt see them is the sun was in my eyes" I ran all the way here. He was in the office of the famous detective Hirlock Sholmes.
I found a note saying they want $2,000,000 in cash and to leave it in the park or else. Hirlock said, "I'm arresting you for fraud"

What made Hirlock think that Mr. Kloperman's story was untrue?

ask author for solution

October 10, 2006

October 10, 1974
I still don't have much to write.
Here are some poems that I have written and I will probably try to get them in the literary magazine

coming down,
the ground around

zinging, Pinging

fuzzy wuzzy was a bear,
fuzzy wuzzy had no hair,
fuzzy wuzzy got a buzzy

falling down
hitting the ground

and subtraction,
many computations,
brain working, eyes fixed
math time!

October 09, 2006

October 9, 1974
I do not know what to write about. here is a tiger it is a dumb tiger i think Because It looks too much Like a man I am writing this while I am waiting to be dismissed from english class to go to theology, but in theology we usually talk about geography because Mr. Bedell (alias uncle woody) teaches us geography too. I think that mr stone is unfair because he asked an extra bonus point question about football

October 02, 2006

October 2, 1974
hitherethisisbilly speaking about toothpaste
I think that it is stupid to make all those different brands when they only you only need one brand so as i see it
the thing to do is be very smart so you can idiot makes the world go around so i and Joe made my english class is dumb.
I am on Jon leiners team for country reports in geography class we are doing iran i am the map drawer sometimes i think that if John would not be so up tight we would make out much better I am going to write a lot to make up for the times i've missed while I was absent, by the way i have been absent from school on thursday and friday mr. bedell finally got a cage to put the gunea pigs in so we got the pigs a couple of days later today we got to hold them and one went to the bathroom on repetti's hand.